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* Create an interface to SDL eventsHEADmasterancarola2019-02-064-20/+287
* Add basic texture wrapperreadyNao Pross2019-01-252-3/+138
* Move renderer code in video.cpp to reflect header decl orderNao Pross2019-01-251-41/+39
* Interface basic renderer drawing functionsNao Pross2019-01-235-30/+164
* Limit framerate of window_testNao Pross2019-01-231-0/+2
* Separate renderer from windowNao Pross2019-01-234-22/+78
* Remove test makefileNao Pross2019-01-221-23/+0
* Update to build a static targetNao Pross2019-01-221-1/+2
* Add ninja build files and configure script, remove makefileNao Pross2019-01-224-28/+75
* Rename library from libwrapsdl2 to libwsdl2Nao Pross2019-01-227-14/+14
* Update .gitignoreNao Pross2019-01-221-0/+3
* Inlined functions and fix debug headerNao Pross2019-01-214-67/+63
* Add events wrapperNao Pross2019-01-216-25/+114
* Update wrapsdl2::window to use Renderer instead of SurfaceNao Pross2019-01-212-8/+40
* Make window_test threadedNao Pross2019-01-218-12/+63
* Add window testNao Pross2019-01-213-0/+44
* Add basic window wrapperNao Pross2019-01-217-25/+101
* Initial commit, add makefile, .gitignore and debug headerNao Pross2019-01-215-0/+122